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Basic Unix primer

While it assumed that the reader has a familiarity of Unix, a brief overview can only enhance previous knowledge. Unix comes in a variety of constantly changing flavors (SUNOS, HPUX, BSD and Solaris, just to name a few). Each of these Unix types will have small variations from all of the others. This may seem a bit discouraging at first, but in reality each version of Unix has more in common with all of the others than differences. The ls, for example, will give a listing of the current directory in any Unix environment. The changes or semantics local to any particular brand of Unix should be explained in the man pages that come with that particular system. The purpose of this book is not to explore the differences between differnt Unix flavors but rather to assume that they are all equivalent and look at how the different shells behave. Hence, the rest of the book assumes a kind of generic Unix operating system (except where explicitly stated otherwise).

Douglas M Gingrich
Mon Apr 27 15:25:49 MDT 1998