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The following links are to reference materials that have been submitted or found by members of CRISP. You might find it very useful to send your students here for additional help or ideas. We need to build this section, so if you have reference materials you would be willing to share, please submit them!

Note: For some reason there is increasing 'link rot' going on, either resources are being taken off the net, or they are moving. Please let us know if we have a munged link. Thanks!

System Administration: Sun has graciously allowed us to link to the Big Admin Web Site. This is an outstanding source for Solaris, (and other Unix), system administration information.

Introductory Unix (Unix I)

Advanced Unix (Unix II)

  • Unix Tutorials from the University of Washington
    student chapter of the ACM. Some of these are applicable for advanced students. Check out the "Developing in Unix" links!

Unix System Administration

Universal Unix References

Using Unix but not Teaching Unix?

  • We seem a little lite here, how 'bout some contributions?

"Other" references we have found interesting

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